by Hey, Sleeper

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released 16 November 2010



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Track Name: Home
i don't even know how the story got told with these too-careful hearts; i guess we stole it from books and films that we loved, and said "this is art, this is all"

i've been lost more than i've let on with this hopeful calm.
quiet eyes and a look that says "i made it home"

poets can cough and lions can weep; all may not be as it seems, but even if i am weak in this life i'm doing my best here okay

we were caught with heavy hearts and a borrowed pose - something moved and suddenly i made it home

i throw such heavy stones, and know what it's like to be warm. i hold such heavy bones.
Track Name: i am not yours
call off all hope while you're waiting for the lines to be drawn out (i was offguard) - stood still in the snow, the kind of air that makes your breath look like smoke.

we broke our hearts.

and the trains are too loud, but the streets are too quiet with just my breath for company. i'd fight for you if i'd done nothing wrong, but this is not your smile and these, these are not your hands. these are not your eyes and i am not yours.